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Anvy Digital Reports Increased Revenue with SpyderX

Founded in 2002, Anvy Digital is a leader in large format digital print in Canada. Anvy Digital, a Calgary, Alberta Canada-based large format specialty print service provider, reported that it experiencesd increased revenue with the Inca SpyderX, a wide format UV digital inkjet flatbed printer distributed exclusively throughout North America by Fujifilm. Founded in 2002, […]

Best China High Flow Plated Filter Cartridge Industrial Company

DEEFINE Filtration Introduction In the world today, pollution has encroached almost everything we use from foods and beverages at home to industrial/laboratory chemicals not forgetting water, which is essentially life. However, endeavors to change this norm in our society. It is a high-tech enterprise company located in China that deals with Hangzhou Deefine Filtration Technology […]

NBP CartridgeFilter For Beer Filtration

NBP cartridge filter for beer filtration Company F is a large-scale professional brewery in China. Factories of F company are distributed across the country, and its draft beer is widely praised by the market. Filtration products used in the early stage of the F company include diatomaceous earth filtration, followed by precision filtration using Sartorius […]

PP3 Cartridge Filter For Cephalosporin Solution

PP3 cartridge filter for cephalosporin solution (multi-layer gradient PP) Company A, they used conventional polypropylene filter element to filter cephalosporin liquid, but becuase of the fluctuation of the material impurity content , our customers need to change the filters several times(6-10batches), the service life is too short. So they hope that we can solve this […]

Unique HGN Cartridge Filter With Strong Gel Removal Effect On UV

Unique HGN cartridge filter with strong gel removal effect on UV (curable inkjet ink filtration) Background: UV-curable inkjet inks are mainly composed of photo-curable resins (photoactive oligomers), reactive diluents (diluted monomers), photoinitiators, colorants, additives, etc., which tend to generate more gel condensation during the ink production. Gel is easy to deform and re-condense, so it […]

Ozone Water Filtration Problems In Panel Plant

Ozone water filtration problems in Panel plant (chemical resistance and flow rate) Company D is a global LCD panel company with several product lines, such as covering 6th generation line, 8.5 generation line, etc. It has several production bases in Taiwan and mainland China. During the contact with Company D, our salesman found that in […]