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Best China High Flow Plated FilterDEEFINE Filtration Introduction

In the world today, pollution has encroached almost everything we use from foods and beverages at home to industrial/laboratory chemicals not forgetting water, which is essentially life.

However, endeavors to change this norm in our society. It is a high-tech enterprise company located in China that deals with Hangzhou Deefine Filtration Technology Co., Ltd the production and selling of membrane filters and all the systems of filtration. The company has 1000+ products, which makes it possible for efficient filtration in every field.

The products cover include pleated filter, high-flow filter, rolled depth filter, capsule filter, stacked disk cartridges, and membrane filters among many others.

These products are of high quality, made with the best technology from world-class filtration companies hence well receipted, and circulate in more than 40 countries. Therefore, we explain to you all about these products and their advantages as shown below.

Products of Filtration from Hangzhou Deefine Filtration Technology Co., Ltd

Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

This product has the latest gradient density to provide an excellent micro rating with a high flow rate to ensure there is maximum filtration. Its use is mostly in fields that demand critical filtration such as laboratories, electronics, water treatment, and industries increasing the lifetime of the filtered materials.

It has the following features:

– A high dirt capacity

– Guarantees a long line of service

– Its connection fits all housing standards

– Its migration is non-fiber

The series includes 131 – series, 85 – series, PS1 Series among much other quality series.

Capsule Filter

The application of this product is mainly in pharmaceuticals, coating industries, microelectronics, and in the refining of chemicals. They have excellent retention capabilities hence easily capture particles even when the flow rate is extremely fast. It also offers super chemical resistance and is of a high rating. All these properties make it durable for any of the processes.

The product has the following features:

– Offers purification for a wide range of chemical materials

– It is medicament

– Offers purification for both small flux fluid and high additional fluids

– Can be used in biotechnology

– They also include the infiltration of nylon and precious metals

– Offers gas filtration and can filter strong corrosive solvents

– Has a wide range of pore size from 0.1 micrometers to 5.0 micrometers.

The series includes CFBY series, CFR series, CFS series, CFK series, and CFD series among many others.

High Flow Filter Cartridge

This type of filter cartridge is coreless and is widely used in different applications. Due to its large diameter, it offers an extensive quantity of filter. Its unique property of the inside to the outside allows maximum retention of the dirt while the large diameter ensures that there is an extension of the filtration time.

The following are its features:

– Has a high gradient pore structure ensuring maximum retention of the dirt

– Offers a larger mechanical strength

– Has high retention even when the flow rate is high

– Has a small resistance to pressure

Applications include water systems, desalination, paint/ink/coatings, food and beverages, condensed water, and lastly film/microelectronics.

Its construction is entirely from polypropylene and is welded together to bring about this exceptional filtration product.

The Filter Membrane

The filter membrane is made of microporous films that are of specific size ratings. The membranes retain both microorganisms and particles. It has extremely small pore ratings, which acts as a barrier thus enabling it to capture even microorganisms.

It has many applications from microbiology to all industrials and pharmaceuticals that need an extra pure solution not forgetting water treatment. It is also ideal for sterility testing and colony counting.

Depth Filter Cartridge

There are many types of cartridges including melt blown filters, roll filters, wound filters, and pp pleated filters. They come in a wide range of length, micro retention ratings, and materials. They have superior capacities of retaining dirt. The above elements enable the product to offer a true depth of filtration with high efficiency and a lower pressure drop. They also offer a great holding capacity for solids than any other filtration products.

It has extensive features as shown below:

– Has a graded density of construction hence provided the durability of the product

– Its construction is entirely from pure propylene, which is compatible with most chemicals

– Offers no room for neither interruptions nor foaming

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