How To Select Nylon Filter Membranes From China Filter Companies

Nylon filter membranes quite popular and are used extensively in a number of areas and applications. They are known for being acid resistant and resistant to alkali. They do not get easily corroded in ketones, ethers, and phenols and also in case of high molecular weight alcohols.

They are also known for their heat resistance and also strength. Whenever there is a need for filtering alkaline solutions, it is common to use a good nylon water filter or other such devices.

It also can be sterilized at around 121 degree centigrade and this can be done without damaging the integrity in any manner whatsoever. However, the end users should take the trouble of identifying the right filter manufacturer who can meet their requirements taking into account specific needs.

As far as China is concerned, there are many who are very happy with the services of Deefine Company. They are leading China factory that manufactures, markets and sells some of the best nylon filter membranes for catering to various requirements and needs.How To Select Nylon Filter Membranes

Something About Deefine Filtration Company

Better known as Hangzhou Deefine Filter Technology Co Ltd. this is a high-national enterprise from China. We are into the field of integrating Research & Development, production and sales of filter membranes and various other filtration systems. We are one of the few companies in China and perhaps in the world that have more than 1000 kinds of products.

Product Range

The products that are manufactured in Deefine Company, are used in a number of industries. These include raw material industries, manufacturers of biological enzymes. We are catering to companies that make semiconductor chips, dye coatings, liquid crystal panels, tap water, and a host of other end-user applications.

Our product range is quite big and includes high flow filter cartridges, depth filter cartridges, filter membranes, capsule filtering solutions, and much more.

Filter Membrane

Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

Capsule Filter

High Flow Filter Cartridge



We have an experienced, qualified and skilled technology and we are proud to inform our readers that we have 7 invention patents and additionally more than 20 utility model patents. Our nanofiber material is quite popular and is comparable to the best quality choices from Europe and America.

Further, we also have 8 production lines and a big workshop that is totally pollution and dust-free. We have a number of certifications as far as quality is concerned. We also have the expertise of offering a complete range of testing and analysis. These include turbidity meter testing, bubble point testing, scanning electron microscope, and much more.Deefine Filtration Company

There are a few reasons why our products are of the best quality. We have approvals from FDA, RoHs and other such organizations and this certainly goes a long way in making us better than many others in terms of quality and durability. Further, we also would like to bring on record that we are an ISO9001:2015 certified company.

This gives us the tag of being one of the few manufacturers of high quality PTFE filter products and other such products. This includes a range of micro filtration products. Further as mentioned above, we have eight production lines which are used for manufacturing the best of pleated membrane cartridges. Further, we are one of the few plants in the country who also have a 3500m clean room plant.

Apart from the above, we are also known for providing the most efficient, rapid and professional technical services. Further, we also can customize products so that our end customers are in a position to reduce their overall cost and also improve the product quality quite a bit.

Our Customer Spread

Since we are in a highly critical and vital area of product manufacturing, we have to be extra careful when it comes to offering our products and services to our customers. However, we have been able to make our presence felt in tough and demanding conditions. Our clients are from some of the most quality conscious countries of Europe and USA. However, we have been able to service their requirements for many years quite satisfactorily because of a number of reasons.

Our Focus On Research And Development

The products we manufacture are very technology-dependent. Therefore, it would be pertinent to mention that we put quite a bit of focus on research and development. We have a separate team that takes into account the various aspects of research and development. We spend quite a bit of time, money and effort on research and have the best of facilities for this purpose. This makes us quite different from other such manufacturers in China and other countries of south East Asia and Pacific Ocean countries.

Trained Workforce

One more reason for our success in a competitive and demanding industry is the fact that we invest quite a bit on human resources. All our personnel working in the factories and in other critical and sensitive areas are extremely well qualified. They come with years of experience and expertise and therefore customers can rest assured that there requirements are being taken care of fully. Further, we also would like to mention that we have one of the best training centers for our personnel. Hence, whether it is customized products or readymade solutions for different types of nylon filter membranes, you can be sure about the quality, technical specifications, durability, longevity, and other attributes. Our price range is also quite reasonable and we also believe in offering the best of after sales services to our clients.


To sum up if you are looking for the best of nylon filters and other specific and general requirements pertaining to filter membranes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are sure that we will be able to offer you the most comprehensive, total and focused solutions to your needs. As mentioned earlier, we also would like to point out that we are one of the few who offer both readymade as well as highly customized solutions and this is what makes us quite different from others.

We are contactable by phone, mail, and other modes of communication.

Please do get in touch with us for any such requirements. We will get back to you with full details and put our best foot forward to ensure that each and every aspect of the entire requirements are met as thoroughly and complete as possible.

Our after sales services are also comparable to the best in the industry and there are dozens of customer testimonials that will support our claim as being one of the best manufacturers, marketers and sellers of different types of nylon filter membranes and other related products.

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