INX International Debuting New Ink Series at PRINTING United

Inaugural event takes place Oct. 23-25 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

INX International Ink Co. (booth 10555) will introduce a new series of EB flexo inks, showcase sustainable, natural-based inks, and feature a full range of digital inks and coatings solutions at PRINTING United, which takes place Oct. 23-25 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

INX will debut the next generation of Gelflex series of EB flexo inks. Combining the patented technology of Technosolutions with INX’s expertise, INX Gelflex is a high-performance electron beam solution for food packaging. Printers can expect low viscosity with high strength and stability, allowing end-users to achieve better print quality at a lower cost while being safer for the environment with 80 to 90% less use of solvents.

INX experts will be in the booth to explain more about INXGelflex and other UV/EB technology solutions. This includes the INXCure LW and LED/HUV series of offset inks, which improves production uptime while reducing waste and lowering press variance. Cutting edge advances with the INXFlex series of UV flexo solutions now include ultra high shrink, Heat Transfer Label and low migration inks for packaging. And INX rotary screen products – including whites, tactile and UV coating options – are developed in-house to provide complete solutions.

INX has TRIANGLE brand alternative inks, dye sublimation, and Prodigy brand inks for industrial printing that can fit any application. This includes the TRIANGLE GSU UV and LED Curable inks and HFB multipurpose UV Curable wide format inkjet inks. Both are supported with Ink Train warranties, the most comprehensive in the industry.

HFB is cost efficient and runs cleaner than OEM inks, with truer reds, excellent adhesion and great flexibility on a vast range of graphic medias. Optimized for curing both UV and LED on HP FB printers, these inks are intended for jetting with high consistency on HP Scitex FB500, FB700, and FB900 printers.

HFB inks are also in demand because they cure quickly, possess high chemical resistance, and offer an extensive color gamut with consistent repeatability. Four and six-color solutions with ink-making customer color profiles are part of the conversion process.

TRIANGLE GSU inks are formulated to attain GRACoL standards and hit G7 targets to match color and produce consistent print quality. They run on EFI VUTEk GS series hybrid model printers, are UV and water resistant without coating or lamination, and available in bag-in-box packaging.

Since being introduced in North America earlier this year, INXhrc natural-based water, solvent and conventional offset inks have caught the attention of brand owners and food packaging providers. Not only are they safe and better for the environment, but INXhrc also reduces regulatory risk and improves production efficiencies for printers and converters alike.

By utilizing clean, bi-renewable and sustainable ingredients, INXhrc has already replaced over three million pounds of petro-based chemicals, waxes and additives. By doing so, it translates to a reduction of 5.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions since the CO2 footprint is 20 to 30% less than standard aqueous inks.

INXhrc uses fewer chemicals compared to traditional inks and does not contain allergens, nanomaterials, flurochemicals, fanal pigments, heavy metals, latex or PTFE. Printers are experiencing better ink mileage and production efficiency, leading to a reduction in resource consumption and waste generation.

Source: ink world
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