Deefine filtration Technology Company is a filter membrane Suppliers Company located in China, and it deals with production and integration of R&D and also selling of filtration system and membranes. This company is among the best filter catridge China manufacturer. The technology research team of the company comprises of 20 utility model patents and seven invention patents who ensure high-quality materials are used in making the filters and they are well tested before been distributed to their customers. Some of the testing and analysis equipment this company uses include scanning electron microscope, bacteria challenging test, particle counter, FTIR spectrometer, and membrane pore size tester. Some of the filter, membranes that this company makes include rolled depth filters, membrane pleated filter cartridge, capsule filter, high flow filter, stacked disc cartilage among others.

Uses of membrane plated filters

The membrane plated filters made by Hangzhou Deefine Company can be used in various industries such as;
• Microelectronics
• Biopharmaceuticals
• Water treatment
• Food and beverage
• In laboratories
• They can also be used in the preparation of dye coatings, biological enzymes, high purity water, laboratory purification analysis, semiconductor chips, purification of tap water and reclaimed water, liquid crystal panels and also as raw materials.

Membrane pleated filter cartilage

These cartilage filters have a wide range of uses from been used in pharmaceuticals, purification of water, food, and beverages, making of paint to the filtration of acids and bases. Some of the products made under this category include NF series, N6, N66 series, PS2 and PS1 series, GN, GP and GF series among others

Capsule filterMust-know-High-Quality-Membrane-Plated-Filter-Suppliers-in-China-DEEFINE

They are used for the final filtration and are designed for fast filtration processes. Some of the products of capsule filters that are provided by Deefine custom membrane provider include CFBY, CFR, CFK, CFS, CFST, CFRK, CFM, and CFD series.

High flow filter cartilage

These filter membranes are used for finer filtration and also for filtering corrosive fluids such as chemicals. Some of the high flow filters include BF series, HFP series, HFMOH series, HFT series, HFM series HFH series, and HFD series.

Filter membrane

The filter membranes that are produced include nylon membranes, PP membrane, PVDF membrane, PES membrane, and PTFE membrane.

Depth filter cartilage

This type of filter comprises of various filters such as PP pleated filters, melt brown filter, and wound filter. The filter is also made up of a wide range of materials, micron retention ratings and also lengths. Some of the depth filters produce by this company include RFM, RFC, RFP, RF-HC, RFG, RF-MBC, and RF-CMP


1. The filters made have a high dirt holding capacity
2. The filters have a high filtration efficiency
3. The filters have high flux
4. Some of the filter membranes are highly resistant to acids, temperature, and alkaline, especially the filter membranes such as nylon and PTFE filter membranes.
5. The filters also have a high flow rate
6. They are also cost-effective
7. Most of the filters also have good chemical compatibility

This company is advantageous over other filter membrane supply companies in that;

I. It offers good customer services that provide fast, professional technical service and also customized products. They also offer advice and solution to problems faced by customers during the usage of their products.
II. It gives room for more innovations, and thus, new products are made every day.
III. They also offer high-quality products at a low price
IV. All productions are carried out in a 200m2 clean room, ensuring quality control.