NBP CartridgeFilter For Beer Filtration

NBP cartridge filter for beer filtration

Company F is a large-scale professional brewery in China. Factories of F company are distributed across the country, and its draft beer is widely praised by the market.

Filtration products used in the early stage of the F company include diatomaceous earth filtration, followed by precision filtration using Sartorius PP2 series, and the total post-sterilization filter German asymmetric PES.beer

Later, in order to reduce the production cost, the fine filter section Sartorius PP2 was replaced by a domestic PP series, but there was always high pressure resistance and unstable production, and the domestic PP filter core was more resistant to backwashing and sterilization than Sartorius filter.

Considering the problems of PP filter, we recommend NBP series designed with hydrophilic nanofiber membrane, which are FDA and EU No.10/2011 certified.

Comparing with Sartorius PP2 3um and 0.65um for craft beer, NBP 1um filter’s flow rate is higher than Sartorius PP2 3um, and the filtration effect is higher than Sartorius PP2 0.65um.

In the resistance to flow hot water sterilization and chemical resistance test, nano materials are significantly better than PP

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