PP3 Cartridge Filter For Cephalosporin Solution

PP3 cartridge filter for cephalosporin solution (multi-layer gradient PP)

Company A, they used conventional polypropylene filter element to filter cephalosporin liquid, but becuase of the fluctuation of the material impurity content , our customers need to change the filters several times(6-10batches),Biopharmaceutical the service life is too short. So they hope that we can solve this problem.

After the technical communication between the technical department of Company A and our company, we recommended the client the improved nano-material filter element with high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity. (Before Shanghai filter element is single-laminated material, the DEEFINE one is non-pressured with 7 layers of PP material, the capacity of holding dirt is larger.).Totally five sets of filter elements were tested. All the service life of the filter element is distributed in the batch of 18-28 batches;

What’s more, they tested the the protein content, light transmission, microbiological mirror of the filtered material, those data are up to the standard, and has been recognized by customers and reached the cooperation finally.

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