HFMO /HFMOH series High Flow Filter Cartridge

HFMO /HFMOH series are high flow filter cartridges with handle, single open-ended and outside to inside flow pattern.

It has a large surface area with 152 mm(6″) diameter. Flow rate is up to 70m³/h per 40 inch cartridge.

HFMO has two layers of PP membrane, cost-effective and high flow capacity.

HFMOH has multi-layers of PP membrane, graded pre-filtration, 99% filtration efficiency.

HFMO-Dimension diagram


  • Water/Waste water treatment
  • Food and beverage
  • Desalination
  • Process water
HFMO High Flow Filter Cartridge

Features & Advantages

HFMO series: two layers of PP membrane, with high capacity and excellent removal efficiency, which is economical and reliable.

HFMOH series: six layers of PP membrane, graded filtration, absolute removal rating at 99% efficiency by particle count, which is precise and efficient for pre-filtration.

Strengthened outer net, suitable for high pressure application.


Filter media PP, Galss fiber
Cor,support,shell PP
Sealing ring EPDM, NBR
Max.working differential pressure 0.34Mpa(80℃)
Design flow range 70m³/h(40”)