Modules filter

MDF depth filter modules are constructed with purified and refined cellulose, inorganic filter aid agent and cationic resin.

MDF features high filtration efficiency and electro-kinetic adsorption

MDF modules are very convenient to operate and cost-effective.

Wide range of removal rates from 0.04um to 18um, for coarse, fine and sterile filtration.


  • Long service life, efficient particle removal.
  • Hot water or steam sterilization.
  • Mechanical depth filtration and electr kinetic adsorption.
  • Refined structure to protect depth sheets.
  • Rapid installation designs.


Max. differential pressure 0.21Mpa/25℃; 0.1MPa/80℃
Max.operating temp. 80℃


Food beverage, fine Chemicals, cosmetics, solvents, process water.