Nano Fiber

Nano Fiber Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

The NF series filter element is designed with hydrophilic nano-sized fiber.

The nano membrane has high dirt holding capacity, high throughput, long life and high efficiency and is cost-effective.

Made in a clean room environment and each filter is integrity tested.


  • Nano fiber membrane with our own independent intellectual property rights, has better porosity and higher flow rate, which is almost three times better than normal PP pleated filter cartridge.
  • Absolute filter cartridge: stratified gradient structure; 99.9% interception efficiency; measurable bubble point value.
  • Back-washed with an acid base solution of 1-14pH, and still remain the initial performance. Greatly extend the service life.
  • DFA 21 CFR170-199, EC Number1935/2004 certificated.


Filter Code NF
Filter media Nano fiber
Support & Drainage PP
Endcaps/cage/inner core PP
Max.operating Temp. 80℃
Max. differential pressure Forward:0.42MPa; Reverse:0.21MPa


Electronics, food&beverage, pharmaceuticals, proce water.