PES membrane Filter Membrane

The PES filter membrane has an asymmetric structure with characteristics of high flow rate, high flux, high strength and high temperature resistance. It can effectively remove particulate matters and is suitable for medicine, waste water treatment and drinking water purification.

Removal rating includes 0.1, 0.22, and 0.45 um.

Features and advantages

  • High flow rate, high flux
  • Inherent hydrophilicity
  • Not easy to protein binding, low membrane fouling;
  • Good chemical compatibility
  • High strength
  • Clean-room production
  • 100% integrity test
  • FDA biosafety standards
  • High temperature and acid and alkali resistant


  • Low protein adsorption filtration
  • Ion chromatographic solution filtration
  • Liquid filtration in the pharmaceutical industry, end-filtration of serum and antibiotics
  • End-filtration of beverages, beer and ultra pure water
  • Rapid sterile filtration of tissue culture medium, additives, buffer and other aqueous solutions


Material PES
Pore size(μm) 0.10, 0.22, 0.45
Thickness(μm) 100-150
weight(mg/cm2) 3.0
Width(mm) 254
Max. operating Temp(℃) 130
Range of pH 2-10