PFA filter housing

PFA Filter Housing

Excellent space-saving solution. This housing locks the cartridge into the bowl, allowing the bowl and cartridge to be installed or removed as a single unit. Contamination and chemical contact is minimized.

Ultra Clean Product and Manufacturing PFA Housing only utilize the highest purity grade Dupont PFA-440 HPJ Japan PFA resin or equivalent

A Lock-in cartridge reduces the required overall footprint and cartridge changeout space. Turning the bowl locking ring perfectly seats the cartridge in the head with double O-ring engagement and straight alignment every time.


Construction Materials Head, molded-on fitting, bowl PFA 440 HPJ or equivalent
O-ring E-FKM, FFKM
Locking ring(nonwetted part) PVDF, PP, PTFE
Mounting hardware- nuts, bolts /
Fluid connections (Nominal) See ordering information
Cartridge connections (Nominal) Code 2C (dual 2-222 O-ring) PF4 dia 69mm, PF4 dia 83mm
Operating Conditions Max. inlet pressure 0.3Mpa(100℃); 0.75Mpa(25℃)
Max. operating temp. 100℃

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