PFA filter housing

PFA Filter Housing

Excellent space-saving solution. This housing locks the cartridge into the bowl, allowing the bowl and cartridge to be installed or removed as
a single unit. Contamination and chemical contact are minimized.

HPFA filter housings use the highest purity grade PFA resin.

Products are cleaned and tested strictly in class 100 dust-free cleanrooms to achieve the manufacturing of ultra-clean products. The fixed filter can reduce the overall occupied area and the replacement space required.

The rotatable bowl shell locking ring holds the filter perfectly, and the double seal ring design ensures efficient sealing performance.
Provides virtually hands-free cartridge changeout for maximum safety and cleanliness, promoting a safer workplace.


Construction Materials Head, molded-on fitting, bowl PFA 440 HP or equivalent
O-ring E-FKM, FFKM
Locking ring(nonwetted part) PVDF,  Reinforced PP, PTFE
Mounting hardware- nuts, bolts PVDF
Fluid connections (Nominal) See ordering information
Housing size 4inch, 10inch, 20inch
Cartridge connections (Nominal) Code 2C (dual 2-222 O-ring)

Code 2EC( for lock key style filter element)

PF4 φ 69mm, φ83mm
Operating Conditions Max. inlet pressure 0.3Mpa(100℃); 0.75Mpa(25℃)
Max. operating temp. 100℃

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