PP 1

PP Pleated Filter Cartridge

PP3 Series-Continuously graded pore structure and multi-layer filter media. High contaminant loading capacity and long service life.
Specially designed for suspended particulate, colloids and high viscosity fluids.
PP3N Series’ medium is highly efficient multi-layer PP plus nano-sized fiber membrane.


Filter Code PP3/PP3N
Filter media Multi-layer PP/Multi-layer PP+nano-sized membrane
Endcaps/cage/inner core PP
Max. differential pressure Forward 0.6Mpa; reverse 0.21Mpa
Max.operating Temp. 80℃

PP3 PP3 glass fiber

Filtration efficiency

PP3 efficiency


Microelectronics, food and beverage, bio-pharmaceutical, process water security filtration, particle removal, activated carbon removal, pre-filtration.