PVDF Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge

PV series filter cartridges utilize PVDF membrane as filter media and PP non-woven as support layer.
PVDF membrane has low protein adsorption and is ideal for biological products.


  • Strengthened structure and high porosity;
  • High flow speed;
  • Ultra-low extractable;
  • Excellent chemical compatibility;
  • Low protein adsorption;
  • Great temperature resistance;
  • Retention rate: >99.99%.


Filter Code PV
Filter media Polyvinylidene fluoride
Support & Drainage PP
Endcaps/cage/inner core PP
Max.operating Temp. 80℃
Max. differential pressure Forward:0.42MPa; Reverse:0.21MPa


  • Semiconductor process ultrapure water preparation
  • Food and beverage industry sterilization filtration
  • Corrosive acid or solvent filtration
  • Biological product virus removal, etc.