If you are looking for the most renowned and efficient manufacturer or membrane filters or filtration systems, the Hangzhou Deefine Filtration Technology Co., Ltd is the ultimate choice for you. We are China’s leading membrane filter and filtration system producer that offers more than thousand kinds of products which includes pleated filters, high-flow filters, stacked disc cartridges, capsule filter, membrane, rolled-depth filter and so on..

What makes us unique?

In the year 2018, we have successfully exported products to more than forty countries worldwide. We are offering almost one lakh high-end dust-free workshop of 3500m that has certification from FDA, RoHS, ISO and other authorities. Furthermore, we also offer a wide of range of analysis and testing such as turbidity meter, Bubble tester, particle counter, bacterial test, membrane size tester and many more.

High-end products manufactured by our company

Our unique membrane filtersWhere-To-Find-China-Membrane-Filters-Manufacturers

Deefine is well known for producing high-end membrane pleated filters. Here advanced technology is used to enhance the features of the cartridges. For example, the Matrix & U filter can attain almost 80 to 200% of effective filtration. Our filter membrane offers greater contaminate capacity & superior flow. The Water filter cartridge that we manufacture has an excellent flowing rate as well as long service life. The performance is much better than other products available in the market.

Chief features of Membrane Pleated filter

Following are the chief characteristics of filters offered by the best manufacturer in China:

In compared to the traditional cartridges, these advanced cartridges with membrane filters have a higher dirt holding capacity. The several layers in the cartridges enable that there is a smooth flow of water or gas. Each cartridge has an external and internal cage. These both side mechanisms make the cartridge firm & strong. Each of the filters comes with a validation document which means our filter membranes are authentic. The cartridges that are fitted with membrane filters can be used in PVDF or PTFE construction.

What are the benefits we provide?

When you purchase a pleated membrane cartridge it ensures that the cartridge is going to stay for a long period. Our membrane filter cartridges have the capacity to withstand tough situations and work effectively. These cartridges have the capacity to clean any form of dirt from water. Any kind of unwanted material can be cleaned through these membranes.

Products manufactured by Deefine

Filter membrane

Our wide range of filter membrane includes PP pleated membrane filter, PES membrane, nylon membranes, PVDF membrane and PTFE membrane. These filters have a high filtration capacity. Further filters like the PTFE membrane pleated filters, nylon filter membranes are resistant to temperature, acid and alkaline. These filters also have a high chemical capability.

Capsule Filter

Capsule filters are made for fast filtration in the final process. Our series of capsule filters may include CFS, CFK, CFBY, CFM, CFR, CFD and CFRK series.

High flow filter cartilage

For filtering corrosive fluids and other finer filtration these filter cartridges are manufactured.

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