Unwanted particles in liquids can be so disastrous. That’s why you need filters in different processes. Some of the fields that require filtration include water purification, food and beverage, microelectronics, laboratories, dye coatings, and many others.

Now, are you looking for high quality membrane pleated filters? Deefine is one of the most incredible membrane filter catridge suppliers in China. Having been in operation for so many years, we are a trusted company whose presence in the global market is wide. In 2018, we served more than 40 countries.

Some of the awesome membrane pleated filters at Deefine include N6, N66 Series, NF Series, GP Series, PBT2 Series, and many more. Each filter is specifically designed to handle a certain temperature, pressure gradient, and chemical. The filter media used determines what a filter can handle. We offer filters that can handle the toughest and most corrosive chemicals.

Other products manufactured at Deefine

Apart from membrane pleated filters, there are other types of filters that customers may need for their filtration procedures. Check this out.

1. Capsule filter

There are several filters that use capsules for filtration. An example is CFBY Series which is used in the inkjet printer. It is well designed to protect print heads. You can choose between black and white capsules although they are both UV resistant. Other capsule filters include CFR Series, CFK Series, CFS Series, CFST Series, and many more.

2. High flow filter cartridgeWhere-to-Find-Membrane-Pleated-Filter-Manufacturer-in-China-DEEFINE

This is a filter that gives the finest filtration and can handle corrosive liquids including sea water. It is ideal for water filtration. HFMO/HFMOH is a high flow filter cartridge. It has open ends, a handle, and an outside-to-inside flow of liquid. It has a 15.2cm diameter and a flow rate of up to 70m3/h per 40inch cartridge. Other high flow filter cartridges are BF Series, HFP/HFPH Series, HFH/HFHH Series, and more.

3. Filter membrane

You can also find filter membranes at Deefine. They include nylon membrane, PP Membrane, PTFE membrane, PES membrane, and PVDF membrane. Nylon filter is alkali, heat, and acid resistant. It is also hydrophilic. High molecular alcohols don’t corrode it easily. Every membrane has a special design and specific characteristics that make it suitable for its applications.

4. Depth filter Cartridge

This type of cartridge is porous and it absorbs particles inside it and not just on the surface. Some of the depth filter cartridges at Deefine include RFC Series, RFM Series, RFP Series, RFG Series, and many more. RFC filters are made using carbon media and are perfect for de-colorization, deodorization, and de-chlorination.

Advantages of purchasing filters at Deefine

Is there anything you can enjoy when you purchase filters at Deefine? Yes. Check this out.

1. Awesome prices

Deefine is the home to quality products at reasonable prices. Customers get to win discounts and coupons.

2. Qualified staff and quality products

This company is made up of qualified designers who make filters for sophisticated machines. We are the best China filter cateridge manufacturers since we care about quality. We have a research team made up of high end members from top notch filtration companies in the world.

3. Quality certification

Deefine is a registered recognized and certified company. It has approval certificates from FDA, National High-Tech Enterprise, RoHS, and has also won many awards.


The quality of your filters determines the outcome of your procedure. That’s why Deefine offers the highest quality of pleated filter catridge for your needs. Order some filters and make your purification processes perfect.